*Tears* (forever_me) wrote,

Quotes from last night:

"I'm a little bit country"
"Well we're a little bit rock and roll"

"I think I have a U.T.I."
"I think thats T.M.I."
"At least I don't have a S.T.D."

"My BED!!!!"
"My HOUSE!!"
"My CAT!!"


"Oh Shaina, Oh drinking... oh etc."

"We've been Phased Out!"

"She's a sheep follower"

"Fuck friends only"

"gilmore girls is awesome"

"sex in a car?"

"Can you drive standard?"
"way to stall it."
(3 times in a row, in an intersection.)

"yoeyyoooo oee yoo ooo eeee oooooooooooooooo"
"yo yo yo yo yo"
(Hawksley + Jay Z + NIN/50cent = good times)


Next Wednesday there will be much less drinking, because I feel like ASS!!!
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